Espresso Coffee Clay Stick.

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Flavour: Coffee

Are you ready for an 'awake' and ready glow? Our Premium Espresso Coffee LuxeStick is designed to Fortify and Revitalize your skin, with added Arabica Coffee + Caffeine.

WON and AWARDED "Best in Beauty" for Anti-Aging Skincare by Verve Magazine

This energizing ingredient is known for its stimulating effects, providing a luxurious experience for your skin, leaving it looking smooth and firm.

Coffee as a drink, helps to boost our energy and concentration, now introduce it to your face. Give your skin an energy kick with our uniquely designed Espresso Coffee Clay Stick, ready to awaken and tackle those skins need now. 

Applying this Espresso LuxeStick can be helpful if you are trying to achieve an even skin tone or a healthy glow on your face.

Packed full of rich antioxidants, our Espresso LuxeStick offers several amazing advantages when applied to your skin. It'll also boost the condition of your skin as well as retain moisture and reduce water retention.

It helps keep skin from becoming dry and flaky. Additionally, it improves the skin's natural moisture barrier, and is a one of a kind. 


All our LuxeStick's are reusable, approx 30times.


6 Key Benefits:

Stimulating effects. Awakened skin

Helps reduce the signs of fatigue

Gently exfoliate, clear impurities and reduce acne scars

Rich in antioxidants 

Anti-aging properties

Suitable for all Skin Types

Ingredients: Vitamin E, Aqua, Coffee Arabica Seed Powder, Coffee Seed Extract, Shea Butter,  Aloe Vera Extract, Caffeine, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Diatomaceous Earth, Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Aroma, Organic Peppermint Oil, Essential Oil