Helga May

Helga May is all about floral prints, fresh and different styles in mainly Linen and Cottons made for the New Zealand & Australian women that want pure fabric qualities while being unique. Helga May collection is a blend of fresh basics, pretty prints and “stand out from the crowd” garments while being comfortable and feeling special in any occasion.

Helga May is a New Zealand based husband and wife run fashion import label from Tauranga, as time goes on we are designing more of our range, (which have the exclusive tag on the product photo when logged in) the rest of our range is ulitising our Italy based factory in-house designers who manufacture our garments which means the styles/prints might not be exclusive to us only.

Helga May/ Heart of Herbie shoes are all designed by Alice herself here in Tauranga and Made in China focusing on using top quality real leather inners and outers.

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