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Weekender Jeans - Grey Wash

$119.90 NZD

Grey Wash

Waist width (CM) measuring the garment flat across from one side to the other, not all the way around the waist.

Size 24/6 = 34.5cm

Size 26/8 = 36.5cm

Size 28/10 = 38.5cm

Size 30/12 = 40.5cm

Size 32/14 = 42.5cm

Size 34/16 = 44.5cm


½ Hip (18cm down from waistband) CM

Measuring the garment flat across form one side to the other, not all the way around.

Size 24/6 = 44cm

Size 26/8 = 46cm

Size 28/10 = 48cm

Size 30/12 = 50cm

Size 32/14 = 52cm

Size 34/16 = 54cm


Length 96cm

Inseam 71cm (keep in mind where you’re likely to wear them, hips or waist)

Delivery Update - Level 4 Lockdown

We have been notified by Officials that we can now deliver all items from our website if able to do this in a contactless manner.

Because I am an independent retailer I am able to dispatch items on my own without staff help and the courier is able to pick up in a contactless manner.

No pick ups will be available during level 4 lockdown.