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Weekender Jean - Jetblack

$119.90 NZD

Black Wash

Due in week of the 12 July

Waist width (CM) measuring the garment flat across from one side to the other, not all the way around the waist.


Size 24/6 = 34.5cm


Size 26/8 = 36.5cm


Size 28/10 = 38.5cm


Size 30/12 = 40.5cm


Size 32/14 = 42.5cm


Size 34/16 = 44.5cm




½ Hip (18cm down from waistband) CM


Measuring the garment flat across form one side to the other, not all the way around.


Size 24/6 = 44cm


Size 26/8 = 46cm


Size 28/10 = 48cm


Size 30/12 = 50cm


Size 32/14 = 52cm


Size 34/16 = 54cm




Length 96cm


Inseam 71cm (keep in mind where you’re likely to wear them, hips or waist)


Delivery Update - Level 4 Lockdown

We have been notified by Officials that we can now deliver all items from our website if able to do this in a contactless manner.

Because I am an independent retailer I am able to dispatch items on my own without staff help and the courier is able to pick up in a contactless manner.

No pick ups will be available during level 4 lockdown.